So what is this “mindfulness”?

Mindfulness is not something obscure or exotic. It is something all of us possess. We use it every time we deliberately focus our attention at something. When you focus your attention at a nice flower, for example, you become aware of its shape, size, and colours. On closer inspection you might notice the texture of […]

Why it is so hard to put you phone down

In his recent Guardian opinion article, Rhik Samadder writes how he significantly reduces his smartphone usage throughout the day as an experiment. Soon enough, he starts noticing a number of important things. For one, he is much more bored than he used to be. He notices that he has a lot more time to think […]

Know Thyself

Since the time of Socrates, and likely long before, people examined their lives, in order to deal with the question of how to live. One way to do this, which is popular in the West since Freud, is psychotherapy. In western psychotherapy, we look at the story of our lives, to learn how we grew […]

Doing Mode Versus Being Mode

Maybe you have heard of the distinction between doing mode and being mode, which is often used in mindfulness practice. The terms refer to different states of mind that are both helpful in different ways. We use our doing mode to get things done: finishing a project, preparing dinner, paying the bills. For all of these […]

Do You Often Fall Asleep During the Body Scan?

In the first weeks of the 8-week mindfulness training, people start practicing mindfulness by learning the body scan. This is a good way of tuning into your body and becoming more aware of all the things you can feel if you consciously pay attention. It is quite common though, that people struggle with staying awake while […]

Surfing the Waves

This quote from Jon Kabat-Zinn is a striking metaphor. One way to look at it, is that we will have to deal with the things life throws at us, whether we like them or not. Just as we cannot stop the waves when we are in the sea: the waves will come and go, and […]

Impression of Short Introduction to Mindfulness!

This video gives an impression of the Short Introduction to Mindfulness we organised together with Juice915 last June. It shows our approach to teaching mindfulness and our ideas about practicing mindfulness meditation. After the Introduction, a few of the participants share some of their experiences and ideas. On Sunday Oktober 2, we will hold our next Short […]

Mindfulness at Work

At work we often deal with stressful situations. Dealing mindfully with stress at work has many advantages. So how do you stay mindful at work? To begin with, it is helpful to commute mindfully. Here are some tips for when at the office: Consciously start and end your working day. Take a moment at the start […]

Beginners Mind

Maybe you have heard people who practice mindfulness speaking of “beginners mind”. Cultivating a beginners mind is an important attitude in mindfulness practice, but what exactly is it? Watch this short video in which Jon Kabat-Zinn explains what it is and why it is relevant: