So many stress-stimuli!

From an evolutionary standpoint, stress-reactions (and the underlying feeling of anxiety) is a very helpful survival mechanism. For example, it helps animals to evade predators by releasing adrenaline and cortisol that allow the body to work more efficiently. The same is true for us as humans. We all know the reactions to stress, like faster

Know Thyself

Since the time of Socrates, and likely long before, people examined their lives, in order to deal with the question of how to live. One way to do this, which is popular in the West since Freud, is psychotherapy. In western psychotherapy, we look at the story of our lives, to learn how we grew

The 7 Benefits of a Highly Stressful Life

Belgian neuropsychiatrist and stress-expert Theo Compernolle states several benefits of stress. In case you don’t like these benefits you might want to reduce the levels of stress you experience by practicing mindfulness for example. But then again, why shouldn’t you want these great benefits? Enjoy! Stress helps to appear as an important individual Everybody who

Meditation vs Real Life

Mindfulness is all about sitting in lotus position, eyes closed, smiling, no thoughts and feeling happy. All while being surrounded by beautiful smooth rounded rocks that someone somehow managed to pile on top of each other. Oh and there’s a small pond nearby with an autumn leaf floating in the centre, creating rhythmic ripples on

Doing Mode Versus Being Mode

Maybe you have heard of the distinction between doing mode and being mode, which is often used in mindfulness practice. The terms refer to different states of mind that are both helpful in different ways. We use our doing mode to get things done: finishing a project, preparing dinner, paying the bills. For all of these

Visualization in Meditation

There are two commonly used visualization techniques in mindfulness meditation: the Mountain and the Lake meditation. Why is the image of a mountain or a lake so powerful to use in our meditation practice? This excerpt from the mountain meditation may make it clear how using this image can empower us: “… In summer, there

Wet and Cold

Dutch falls and winters can be very depressing: cold and wet. Though not cold enough to create a winter wonder land. No, instead The Netherlands seems to think more is more when it comes to rain. I think we have been quite lucky so far with the weather, but we can’t change the inevitable. These